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    How to change the channel order as found during scan on coax input




      I am using an SlingBox Pro in Europe, Netherlands. When connecting the slingbox to the analog cable via the coax input it will find 30 TV-stations. Up till now no problem.


      The order of the TV stations is not logical on the cable so they appear in this same order in SlingPlayer 2.0 for Windows. E.g. Dutch channel NED1 is found on 22, NED2 is found on 23. I want to put these channels on preset 1 and 2 (and so on).


      How do I change the channel number as found by the slingbox while scanning the cable in my preference list.


      Using favorites does not help, the favorits are in the same order as found during the cable scan.

      Changing the frequency in the Setup-assistent per found channel will only allow small fine-tuning.

      I cannot find a way to drag-drop the channels to change the order






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          millermmail Newbie

          The channel numbers are set by your cable provider -- it may be different from your set top box because most set top boxes are digital and use a totally different technology where numbers are programmed by software instead of by their carrier frequency.


          In short, you can't really do anything about it.  That's like our HDTV gets our PBS channel 22 on channel like 68.11 or something.  You can either live with it or get a set top box from your cable company.  We wrote out an index card with the channel numbers in the order we want them so we just look it up that way.