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    Slingbox Software Update to 1.4.20 'Runtime Error' Problem


      A couple of days ago when loading the Slingbox player on my Windows XP system it suggested a new version 1.4.20 was available to install on my Slingbox Pro to replace my existing v1.3.80.  I agreed to proceed with the update only for the install to freeze approximately 70% of the way through

      as shown in screen capture (1) at the same time I got a Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library message saying Runtime Error!  and pointing to a R6025 - pure function call .... whatever that is?


      I've been advised by the Slingbox technician to try again when services have resumed at Slingbox Towers (see maintenance messages) but have tried again today and the same problem occured.  Has anyone else seen this and can possibly shed some light?


      Capture 1)


      Sling Update 1.JPG


      Capture 2)


      Sling Update 2.JPG