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    Trouble with new 4 head ir blaster


      I am having trouble with my ir blaster on an older solo.  I ordered new ones (four head) and I am still unable to control the tv from the laptop remote.  Is there a way to tell if the blasters are working? I tried looking at them with a digital camera (somebody suggested that) while operating the remote and saw nothing.  There were no instructions with the new 4 head blasters and I am not sure of the configuration.

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          eferz Expert

          There's nothing to configure with the IR Blasters, just make sure that they are plugged into the Slingbox securly in the correct connector.  You do have to configure the Slingbox to your Video Source's set-top box.  This is done through Setup Assistant where you make the appropriate selections to identify the respective set-top box.  This will upload the IR code profile into the Slingbox.  You should be then able to use any Slingplayer client to control the Slingbox. Otherwise the problem could be the mechanism which creates the IR signals inside of the Slingbox.

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            Please can you tell me where you sourced the 4 head IR blaster as I cannot fing it listed anywhere expect the USA,