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    registration key 30 day trial


      I downloaded the 30 day trial but did not receive the reg key. now what do i do???

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          eferz Expert

          Download and install the respective Slingplayer Mobile application.  When you run the program on your mobile phone then you'll be prompted for the registration key in order to use the program.

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            Hi, jdavid.


            The Registration Key is the license you purchase to activate the SlingPlayer software version for supported Mobile devices. It is available in our website at www.slingbox.com. If your Mobile device is the iPhone or the Android, you will need to visit their stores in order to purchase it.


            If you are testing the 30 days free trial period, you will not need to use the Registration Key. You will be able to click on "Register later" and then you will be able to get the connection to your Slingbox.


            The following link will guide you to our website if you decide to purchase the Registration Key.


            SlingPlayer Mobile


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