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    Slingplayer realy bad speed on iPhone/iPad and other mobile phones


      Some people on this forum are complaining about the picturequality, but I get annoyed by the bad speed of the video.

      It is true that video and sound are not correctly (sync).


      I tested the Slingbox on very high internet speed and everything works great on a notebook of laptop, but on mobile

      phones slingplayer is **** (sorry to say this). Video is slow, it doesn't change when you choose HQ or LQ, the video

      is slow that's a fact. And because of that, the sync of video and sound are often wrong.


      It is oké if the video quality is not perfect, but it is soooo slow... most of the times I get a headache when I watch

      slingplayer on the Apple iPhone of Apple iPad. It's horrible. It irritates me that Slingbox still did not find a solution

      for this and is telling people on this forum to check there settings! Hello Slingbox???!!! It's your application that's

      failing and that for $30,-!!! COME ON!


      It's not only the Apple iPhone or iPad on wich the video is slow, I tested allot of mobile phones like HTC HD2, a

      couple of Nokia phones with Symbian and the new Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro.


      PLEASE Slingbox solve this problem!

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          eferz Expert

          I find this interesting, what Slingbox and iPhone do you have?


          I have the Slingbox Pro-HD with firmware 1.4.60, an iPhone 3GS with iOS 4.0.1 (8A306), and an iPad with iOS 3.2.1 (7B405) all using Slingplayer Mobile for iPhone 1.3.  I've heard about these sync issues but I have never experienced them myself.  Not without the lack of trying since I watch about 2 to 3 hours a dayt on the iPad with the Slingplayer Mobile.

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              dbsguy Apprentice

              I too use my slingbox pro multiple hours a day without issue on my iphone 4 and speratically on a laptop without any audio/video sync issues.


              I previously had issues with audio and video being out of sync on my iphone 3g; but now assume it was the processor speed of the phone itself that was causing the issue.


              I've also used slingplayer mobile on a htc tilt without incident.


              I'd blaime it more on the phone and or cell network for those having these type of issue.

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              It's not the phone or network.

              I have an iPhone 4 with the fastest processor there is (A4), you know that.

              I had also problems with the HTC HD2 (1 Ghz processor), so also a very fast phone.

              The Wifi network in my house is very good, so that's also not the problem.


              The video is oke when images are not moving fast. But if the do, it's slow.

              This is because of the limitation of 15 frames per second.


              Again it's not the the iphone, ipad or ipod that's the problem, it's the limitation of the frames.

              Slingbox should build in an option to control these setting (15, 20, 25 or 30 frames per second),

              this because then people can choose there own speed and data. Why a limitation? People

              can choose themselfs what they want.

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                Agreed. I just spent the $300 on SlingPro HD and realized I basically paid for HD streaming to a computer w/in my LAN. Away from my place, it's 400kbps at best; blurry, and unimpressive - and if I choose to get better quality I'm looking at a picture that freezes and audio like R2D2.The same can be said for my iphone/ipad. All I find in these forums are complaints w/ no hint of intervention from Sling reps. I spoke to a guy the other day from Sling to fix my optimization issues, and he wanted to get off the phone rather than solve the problem. I'm only choosing to keep my Sling bc I'm holding out hope that the streaming quality gets overhauled for the iPhone/iPad. I'll probably be ultimately paying my cable company, in a yr anyway, to get streaming to my iphone/ipad, bc their product will be a bit more straighforward w/out so many tech issues. Ugggh, Sling. Get it together!!!

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                  It's not on all phones all the time.  I have a Slingbox Tuner (non-HD) and access it mostly through two home routers from a Windows PC on a Cablevision Broadband network.  On the Windows PC on a good day I get 1700kbps, usually during peak hours its around 900kbps which gives a decent SD picture.  Because I get good reception on the road outside my house, on a fast PC running windows, then my home LAN setup, router and Internet ISP are working pretty well.  So we can rule these out as the problems.


                  I used to use slingplayer mobile on a Palm 700p with Verizon 3G.  It worked quite well, the screen was small, but it was not so jumpy.  You could watch sports and see what was happening.  Now I use it with an iPhone 3G over Wifi or 3G from AT&T.  It is pretty jumpy and pauses a lot, even using WiFi.  Last night I watched a baseball game in my house.  It kept pausing and I missed 3 out of 5 pitches (although the audio kept up).


                  There are a lot of sources of problems for poor Slingplayer performance.  Poor Ethernet &/or router performance on the Slingbox side, poor network performance on your Slingbox internet ISP, poor 3G performance from your phone provider, poor WiFi service and/or WiFi interference, and of course poor performance on the device running Slingplayer.


                  In my case I think it's the iPhone 3Gs slow processor.  Because it's not any better on WiFi vs. 3G.  From what I've read on this forum it sounds like some people have good experiences with the newer iPhone 4.  So I'd expect the faster processor really helps.


                  You never said which iPhone you were using?

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                    Hi, skbox.


                    Just checking, we would like to know if the information provided here helped you to fix the reported issue. Just make sure to post your results!

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                        No, it didn't solve anything!


                        I am still testing with Slingbox and I am 100% sure, that the framerate in Slingplayer is too low! It should be 30 frames per second, not 15!
                        The last time Slingbox updated there software for iPhone was February 2010.
                        The hope that Slingbox will take action to update the application has sunk in my shoes, I am thinking about buying the Vulcan player.

                        I am almost done with Slingbox. Slingbox also promised to launch an application for iPad, but no.


                        Well... I guess customers are just not so important to Slingbox... o wait they are... they buy Slingbox don't they?!!

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                        Does having a slingbox Solo vs. a Slingbox Pro HD make a difference on iphone/ipad?


                        I checked out some youtube videos of people reviewing the product and the quality looks great but when using it at home, it's horrible like ou mentioned.  My internet speed is 15MB/s DL, 1.8MBPS UL so it can't be my internet connection.  In fact when i connect from work, the quality is quite good.  It's the mobile app that is killing the product.

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                            burnside Newbie

                            The original poster hit the nail right on the head.  It's the framerate that kills the mobile version.  I had an original iphone then upgraded to an iphone 4.  To tell you the truth, between the two iphones there is not much difference.  Better yet, I have an old laptop which has a slower processor than my iphone 4 and the framerate on that laptop (which uses integrated video) looks much better than the iphone 4.  Sling needs to bump up the framerate for phones that can handle it like the iphone 4.

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                            My issue with my Iphone 3g started at the end of September. It went from average frame rate to pathetic. I thought maybe the issue was just with ATT.

                            Over congested network was my first thoughts. Then in Mid-Nov, I notice connecting to my slingbox took forever on my iphone but, did work well within my own home network.


                            No mind you im on ATT DSL at 12 mbps at home. Im also using the 2wire router from ATT. So I decide to run some speed tests. Lo and behold I was shocked to learn that my tests showed my speed at 130 Kbps!!!!!.. Not mbps!!.. After conducting 3 more speed tests i called ATT and they did some tests.


                            On there end they showed I was at FULL speed. But, my end said the differ. So then they asked me to do a speed test at 2wire.com and the results were the same as my original except wores.. now it was at 123kbps..


                            At that point it was determined that the router flaked out. This would be my 2nd router that I would have to replace in 2 1/2 yrs. So instead I cancelled and moved back over to comcast since I was with them once before and I still had the cable modem. I signed up for there lowest packed which gets me 15 mbps D/L @ 19.99 for one year..


                            I can now say that my slingbox viewing is working great! again on my iphone if not better than before. And by the way, I have upgraded my iphone to 4.1 with no issues and using the original first gen slingbox.