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    cannot connect, lan unstable when config running?


      hi guys, please help

      had my sling box for 2 yrs its been great no problems.

      today the desktop client said error "cannot connect" and the slingbox logo light and lan light started flashing (ie logo for 1 second, lan 1 second, both off for 2 seconds repeat.)

      rebooted everything, all 5 pc's 2 switches router & whs same problem. tried router 1 pc & sling no change, replaced all lan cables. nothing.

      reset slingbox,

      during setup i get sound & video saves and then nothing wont connect.

      run setup again and get sound & video, selecting what my source is and "lost connection" message

      running a ping -t in the background and time goes from 1ms to 1000ms then time out 4 times then 322ms then back to 1ms

      any ideas?

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          eferz Expert

          As I understand it is not entirely uncommon for malfunctioning AC adapter to cause the symptoms that you've described.  On the bottom of the Slingbox, you should see the power requirements; voltage, amps, and polarity.  Make sure the AC adapter connected to your Slingbox has the same output specifications. Otherwise, if you have a compatible power supply then you can test it with your Slingbox to see if there's any change.