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    slingbox will not connect




      I just bought slingbox pro hd and have it hooked up to direct cable without a box and am using it to stream it by internet and by iphone.  I only have it for 4 days now but at least three times already when I try to view tv remotely it will not connect and I end up having to unplug and replug the slingbox.  This is not acceptable as I know eventually it will not come on when I am not at home and I will be SOL.  I paid  a lot for this product and if it keeps happening I will be returning it.  Any suggestions.  Thanks

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          eferz Expert

          There's a current problem with the Sling servers described in this offical thread (https://community.sling.com/message/14266#14266).  It describes the current service interruption to be a part of the problem of Sling Accounts.  While I'm not sure it is relavant to your issue, you might consider watching that thread for further updates on the issue.  As the there are about seven servers that which the Sling Media ecosystem are dependant. 

          1. analytics.sling.com
          2. autoupdate.sling.com
          3. ms.sling.com
          4. secure.sling.com
          5. services.sling.com
          6. sparcs.slingmedia.com
          7. relay.sling.com