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    How do I get rid of all the disruptive advertisements?

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      I bought a slingbox back in 2011, and I use it when I travel abroad, but I haven't used it in a couple of years.

      Now, when I started to use it again, I find that Slingmedia has encumbered it with lots of advertisements, both from Slingmedia (wanting you to "learn more" about their other services) and from Google (which I understand I cannot turn off, but I can download and app to help them profile be more effectively).

      When I travel on business, I rarely have a strong internet signal, which used to be okay.  Now, however, with all these advertisements, every pop up advertisement interrupts the programming to the point that it is un-watchable.  The "learn more" ad comes up about every 20 seconds.

      Isn't there any way to turn this junk off?