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    Cox Mini Box no Video appearing

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      We are having a problem with our Mini Box in that we are not getting any video or sound using the HDMI.  This box only show Basic Cable Channels so I tend to believe the Cox Reps that it is not encoded since are no special channels available.

      Note tried to respond to the previous discussion but kept getting errors when posting that we were not logged in.


      We found an earlier thread and downloaded the remote files and successfully installed the _PL file per the instructions in the above link into the Slingbox.  This remote controls the channel selection.  Before we installed the custom remotes we would get the error that there was no video available and had no remote control. Now it acts like we have a video signal but nothing is appearing and there is no sound.  We tried both the PC and Direct Input into the TV


      The Cablebox MFR is Cisco and Model is DTA250HD


      Besides the HDMI to Component solution are there any other ideas?


      Thank you