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    Need updated remote for Channel Master DVR+

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      Slingbox 500 needs updated remote for Channel Master DVR+ PVR

      Channel Master updated their firmware in the last 24 hours and now the onscreen remote is no longer responsive w/ the Slingbox 500 no matter which Channel Master remote you select in the configuration set-up.  The Slingbox 500 IR LED's flash after a remote command is issued but not received by Channel Master DVR+.


      I performed a factory reset to the Slingbox 500 and completed the firmware upgrade to (UAPPSVerson 01.08.23; Firmware Version 01.10.095; Hardware version 1.3.0) but still same problem.  Channel Master DVR+ works fine using their IR remote and/or a universal IR remote programmed w/ the specific Channel Master DVR+ codes.


      The problem appears to be isolated to the Slingbox 500 ".bin" IR control file perhaps from an earlier firmware update.  Is it possible the this ".bin" file for the Channel Master DVR+ (cm-7500) got compromised and/or overwritten w/ some other ir code file w/i last 10 days?