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    Dish Network Remote UP/Down Keyboard Shortcut


      Slingbox 500 using Watch on a Dish Network Hopper DVR


      I have tried IE, Chrome and Firefox, all with the same result.   Using the remote on screen works fine, but when you use the keyboard shortcut for up/dn arrows, it jumps two lines in the guide or menu.  It is like the shortcuts hit the button twice.   These are the only two keyboard shortcuts that do this.   Quite annoying as it is much easier to use the keyboard as opposed to a mouse.   I take it that this is something to do with the remote bin which is probably common to all the browsers.   Thoughts?

      Separate issue with the keyboard shortcut for Skip Back (CTRL B) in IE.  CTRL B opens up the favorites manager in IE.  Works ok in other browsers.  I will open this as a separate topic if this goes somewhere.