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    Slingplayer suddenly stopped working? Slingbox500

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      Slingplayer for both desktop and the online app at newwatch.slingbox.com both worked fine until 1/2/16, when both now show only a fuzzy gray screen and no audio. They connect to the Slingbox fine, my connection to internet is fine, and the physical box is properly connected. Basically, nothing about the setup has changed and suddenly nothing comes thru the app. I have the latest version of the desktop app,, and have tried viewing both on slingplayer for chrome and IE, both with no success. Since one day it worked and the next it didn't, I'm hoping the issue is with the players and something that will be fixed in an update? If it matters, I have comcast but not X1 and nothing regarding cable has changed either. Anyone have any useful info? I would really like to avoid calling the support line and the $30 cost that comes with.


      Thanks in advance!