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    Cannot set up a Slingbox




      I have recently tried to Set Up My Slingbox. I go to Get Started, I click on Get Started and then get on the next page:


            "We're sorry, but your web browser, operating system, or the combination of both is not currently supported by the Slingplayer plug-in. Please use a different browser or click here for more information."

      I am using Windows 10 and Chrome. I've tried several other browsers but nothing works!


      It is a Slingbox that I have used without trouble in the past. I haven't used it for a few months and am stuck!


      Please help!!!!



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          evan.sling Novice

          Hi ACC6519891!

          Here, take a look at this article:


          As long as you're using a browser/operating system combination that shows it is supported in this article, with just one exception:

          The Slingplayer plugin for Google Chrome was changed to an extension (as opposed to a plugin) when Chrome changed to a 64-bit browser from a 32-bit.  Unfortunately, because of this change, the processes to set up a Slingbox are no longer compatible in the Google Chrome browser (even though the Chrome extension that can be used to watch/use a Slingbox is still supported).

          Also, take care to make sure you're not using the Microsoft Edge browser.  The logo for this browser is quite similar to the Internet Explorer logo, and will also give you the error you mentioned above.  Your computer should still have Internet Explorer - I would suggest doing a search for it just to make sure you are using Internet Explorer.  As long as you use Internet Explorer or Firefox, you should be good to go.

          Hope this helps!


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            I have exactly the same problem and I'm about to scream. I have three Windows 10 computers only (no Internet Explorer), and so I can only set up with Firefox. I'm getting EXACTLY the error mentioned above trying to set up in Firefox. HELP! I have a Slingbox Pro-HD.

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              I give up! IE won't work. I tried Firefox and it seemed hopeful until I got to downloading the add-on for Firefox and it wouldn't execute, saying "The add-on downloaded from this site could not be installed because it appears to be corrupt". I also got a message saying that my browser settings prevented this happening.

              I think the Slingbox is due for the rubbish bin! (Unless anyone can come up with a workaround in the next few days!)