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    Bad power supply issue?

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      My slingbox pro-hd suddenly stopped working and the power light is lit, the network light is dim, and the slingbox logo light is off and it won't reset.  I had to replace the power supply a few months ago but only the network light was off then.  Is my current issue another bad power supply or something else?  Thanks for any help!

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          Samantha.Sling Apprentice

          Hello Tyrone!


          You are correct; generally when you see the logo light solid, even after attempting a reset, the power supply is to "blame" so to speak. It is also possible that this is indicative of a separate hardware issue, but I would suggest trying a new power supply first as this would be the most cost effective and a good starting point in troubleshooting.


          As you replaced the power supply before, I doubt you'll need direction to where to purchase the replacement, but I'll link it below just to make getting there a little bit quicker for you:



          If you have any other questions, please let us know.




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              Hello, I replaced the power supply and reset the slingbox, but now all lights are lit and if I try to do the setup, the logo lights cycle for about 2 seconds and then the network and logo lights both go off without being able to complete setup. The error message says "Your slingbox has been disconnected because of a bad internet connection."   After a few minutes, the logo light and the network light comes back on and off for a while then they stay continuously lit along with the power light.  Is the slingbox just bad?