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    Problems with SlingPlayer for Amazon Fire Stick

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      I'm having problems with the SlingPlayer for my Amazon Fire Stick witch is disheartening as I just switched from a Roku stick because that app crashed and buffered terribly when it did work... On the Fire Stick I can open the app and it will connect to my SlingBox but it will only give me access to the first option in the row of 5 options sown at the top of the screen. The other 4 are shown but are greyed out. I can move the cursor over the other 4 but cannot access them. If I do click on them the app closes and then immediately restarts. I tried resetting the app to factory settings but that didn't not work. I can access all functions normally from the SlingPlayer app on my phone. This allows me to start the program that I want to watch and then connect through the app on my Fire Stick to watch on my TV but there is no access to the menu of options to control such as pause, FF, RW, etc. Are there any know problems with the Fire Stick app or are there any suggestions on what can be done to reset the app to regain full functionality?