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    Help with Slingbox M1 on X1 Xfinity Box


      Hello and thank you in advance for any help or input. (Also I apologize if any of my jargon used in this post isn't up to snuff.)


      I moved and just got the X1 service from Comcast. My main box is an Arris X1 cable box, which has only 3 component outputs. I have the Slingbox M1, so it only connects via component outputs (not HDMI). However, there are more component cords for the Slingbox than there are outputs on the X1 cable box. I have the Slingbox M1 set up as best as I can with the outputs I have to work with to the point where it works and I get a good video/audio feed. The only problem is that the picture comes only in black and white, which I suspect is because I'm unable to plug in all of the appropriate wires into the cable box's outputs.


      I know that I can switch to the other model of the X1 box (Pace) and that will likely have the appropriate number of outputs to correctly run the Slingbox in color. However, upon contacting Comcast, this may not be so simple and could throw off my whole network and cause me to have to get new boxes for my other TVs in the house.


      I guess my question to this community is: Is there any add-on that I can purchase that will permit me to hook up my Slingbox M1 in color from my current X1 Arris box? I had thought that perhaps this might solve some of my problems: Gang Hu


      Thank you again!