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      Ok, I've had my slingbox set up for awhile now, and everything was working great...then just recently, I've begun to have problems.  It doesn't matter if I use the Slingplayer or I try to watch on Slingbox.com, but every time I try to watch my TV from my computer, things go haywire.  I'll be able to connect to my box, I'll be able to watch a little bit a TV, then I'll lose the connection.  Sometimes, I'll get a good half-hour out of it before I lose the connection, sometimes, I'm lucky if I get two seconds.  I've checked all the wires and everything seems to be OK...I checked all the settings, and again, everything is ok.  I've run out of my room to the living room when this happens, and I see the box blinking, the network light goes out for a few seconds, then it comes back on and everything works great...if only for a few seconds before it all happens again once I log back in.  I've noticed that the network light only goes out when I'm trying to watch my TV through one of the many ways to connect to my slingbox.  If I'm actually watching the TV itself, the network light stays on the entire time, like nothing is wrong at all.  This only happens when I try to watch my TV through the Slingbox.  I've tried everything I can think of (buying a new network cable, resetting all my setting on the Slingbox, I've even reset all the setting on my router) and nothing has worked....any ideas?  I'm using Firefox as my web browser if that helps any.

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          I'm actually experiencing the same problem. I get a connection anywhere from 15 seconds to 2 minutes, but after that it says, "Optimizing" and the picture never returns, and eventually it disconnects.  This happens both on my Slingplayer software for Mac and watching it on the Slingbox website. Anybody have any tips for us?