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    Can I view my Slingbox on my UK vacation?


      I know there are some issues with streaming slingbox stuff to foreign countries.  I live in the US and I'm headed to the UK for two weeks later this year.  Being a huge Gator fan, I'm not sure I'll be able to find the games over there.  Will I be able to watch on my laptop from my slingbox over there or do I need to make other arrangements?

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          eferz Expert

          If you really want to make sure you have access from abroad, I would recommend setting up your router with a Dynamic DNS service.  This will give you a static URL which allow you to connect to your router's public DHCP address.  Then install a copy of Slingbox 1.5 or older which doesn't have a dependancy on Sling Accounts.  Create an entry in the Sling Directory and specify the DDNS URL and the Slingbox Port Number for the Direct IP address.


          You can have both Slingplayer 2.0 and Slingplayer 1.5 installed on the same computer, but it will take a little finagling.  Start off by uninstalling Slingplayer 2.0 then install Slingplayer 1.5.  Then make a copy of the Slingplayer folder to something like "Slingplayer.old".  You can then uninstall Slingplayer 1.5 and install Slingplayer 2.0.  Then if you need to the old version then you can use the the slingplayer application from the "Slingplayer.old" folder.


          Also make sure that your router is port forwarding both UDP and TCP ports to the Slingbox's private IP address.

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              alanrichey42 Master

              I'm going to have to disagree with 'eferz' on this occasion.  The answer to your question is actually, there is no problem !!   There are NO issues I am aware of streaming the Slingbox to other countries so not sure what you have heard.


              I have a Slingbox in the UK and one in the USA and I have been regularly accessing them from the other country for years and have never experienced a problem.  I think his reply is a over-reaction to the present problem and not something the ordinary user needs to do.


              Now, at this moment Sling have made a right hash of moving their server services, so it is almost impossible to use the normal Web-based player or Slingplayer 2.0 so many of us have done what he advised and reverted to SP1.5.   But this problem will be over in a few days and then we can revert back to the normal up-to-date way of operating.  And you say you are going 'later in the year' so the present 'glitch' is irrelevant.


              So go for it !!

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                  eferz Expert

                  Alan is right, there's no problems streaming to or from other countries.   Except if you're currenlty experiencing the same intermittent problems with Sling  Accounts as everyone else, including my  relatives in the Philippines, New Zealand, Austrilia, Japan, Guam, and Dubai.  My methodology provides a backup plan to connect to your Slingbox regardless of contingencies imposed by the Sling Media services.  And if you're a *real* Gator fan, you'll want to make sure to catch your games.


                  I hope that these problems wiill be fixed shortly, so it will all be moot point.  However, I subscribe to the boy-scout mentality of always being prepaired. Better to have and not need, then need and not have.  While this "not something the ordinary user needs to do", I don't believe "ordinary users" would be posting a question like this two to three months ahead of Gator Football schedule.  That's why I'm guessing you want to make sure that you won't miss a game.


                  Setting up multiple versions of the Slingplayer and signing up for a Dynamic DNS service is free and easy.  So, there isn't a reason to not do it, especially if you want to be prepared instead of disappointed.  Orange and Blue, baby.  Oranage and Blue!  Gators all the way!