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    DISH Remote Access / 922's Down


      If you have a DISH Network Slingloaded ViP 922 you are probably steaming like I am...  5 days now and I can not access or watch my 922 which I pay extra for from DISH Network.


      When is this going to be fixed?  I can't even watch Sling from my 922!

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          I to have the 922, I've been able to  log on to my dish tv Sling system most of the week, tonight I am unable to commune with my DVR, I've reset the broadband connection, unplugged, restarted, whatever. I get my channel page but I've got the yellow light and cannot watch remotely. This has gone on way to long.

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              From Wednesday I cannot connect to my VIP 922.


              But I installed the "SlingPlayer-2.0.3508-Setup-US.exe" and can now watch TV from my VIP922.


              There is clearly an issue with the http://dish.sling.com server.

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                  eferz Expert

                  Yeah, this entire fiasco is due to the attempt of moving Sling Media's servers into the Echostar facility.  Echostar being the parent company of both Dish Network and Sling Media.

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                      Over at "dish support" there support staff is posting everything is alright.........I wonder if they've tried getting in themselves.........


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                          I am the one who started this thread here.  I am also the person who runs DISHSUPPORT.COM for DISH Network.


                          I am presently sailing past Cuba on the Noregion Epic on Vacation this week.  The internet on the ship is not fast enough to try watching so I haven't tried.


                          I have talked to a few people and they tell me theirs is working and in addition there have not been any problem reports on DISHSUPPORT.COM about the issue in a few days.


                          Hope this helps.

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                              Thanks , I find you comments a little snippy, I’ll be contacting dish directly with your comment and attitude.

                              Have a nice trip.

                              C. Clark

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                                  eferz Expert

                                  That's interesting.  Just to reiterate scottct1 on this forum is Scott Greczkowski of the www.dishsupport.com forum, at least as I understand.


                                  I didn't interpret any "snippiness" in his post.  He was mearly presenting you with a few facts.  If you look at the last couple of posts from his forum, he asked if anyone is still experiencing problems and hadn't received a reply in three days.  It appears he doesn't have access to confirm it himself at his present location, so he pressumed the matter had been resolved.  I don't see the harm in that.


                                  Scott Greczkowski @ 08-13-2010 11:33 PM

                                  Hows it working now? It seems as though most if not all of the issues at Sling have been fixed.

                                  Scott Greczkowski @ 08-16-2010 10:35 AM

                                  Guess its working now as no one is reporting anything.


                                  At least he was finally able to get some one to responded to him.


                                  356B @ 08-16-2010 10:51 AM

                                  Angry remote access is still broken.............!

                                  Dish remote is not working, I was on with one of dish tv's tech  last night and we tried resetting, unplugging, you name it.......My situation is this. My remote page loads, the connecting window just  dots...........out to the end. The DVR tab is grayed out and I'm told to  reset my Broadband in the receiver menu. Nothing so far has worked, It  was working up until Sat. evening with some manipulation (reloading, changing browsers).

                                  Over at Slingbox answers, Slingbox Answers Forum: Community: Sling Account

                                  There's plenty of people with trouble............
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                                  Thanks for this answer.


                                  However, the connection to my VIP 922 box via the DISH login does not work, not via Comcast, work or Verizon Phone.


                                  The use of an old slingplayer will contact to my box. I can do everything I want.


                                  As I understand that I am certainly not the only person with a problem and that the fact that connection with the slingplayer works, means that the problem is the dish.sling.com connection.


                                  I urge you to help us all to solve this problem.

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                          I received a message this morning from Sling support staff.


                          "Hello - the ViP 922 is supported exclusively by Dish. The issue you are experiencing is unrelated to any recent intermittent service outages.


                          In general , you may wish to try the following troubleshooting:


                          • Clear your browser cache
                          • Clear any sling.com, slingmedia.com, slingbox.com related cookies
                          • Restart your browser


                          You may also wish to visit http://support.slingbox.com/ for additional support

                          The Sling Support Team"


                          If this is not a Sling issue and dish TV is the responsible party why is the problem occurring on a dish.sling.com server? And when I was talking to a Dish CSR about this problem recently he told me the Dish Remote Access was set up by Sling, which by the by is an Echostar company.

                          By the way my problem still exist.

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                              eferz Expert

                              I know, right?  Both Sling Media and Dish Network is owned by Echostar anyways.  And this probablem start after someone decided that it was a good idea to move Sing's servers into Echostar's facility.  Instead of playing "hot potato" with your issues the entire company needs to take onus.

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                                  It's connecting via the vip922 for me. I was on with a dish tech and it just popped on in Firefox using a Mac. The tech said he had done nothing.
                                  The menu is different, minor but different. The quality has gone from Good To better To Auto, HD Best has been replaced. I also noticed the IP address in the Broadband menu has changed as of this morning too. The significance is not significant unless you have had reps from dishTV deny anything was amiss. I hope this it, it seems it would have so much easier to just level with customers of Sling and dishTV as to what was going to happen and or going on. This morning Sling announce a FIX which by the look of is still in doubt in some areas. It could have taken all day for Sling to get to the Dish TV end, no proof at all just a hunch.
                                  I would suggest:


                                  Unplug your 922 from the power outlet
                                  Unplug your router from the power outlet
                                  Wait about 5 seconds
                                  Plug the router back in
                                  Wait 30 seconds
                                  Plug the 922 back in


                                  No liability or reasonability for it working though, changing browsers might help to.
                                  Best of luck