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    Message  0x923400dc,   The operation failed because of invalid state


      I have this message as soon as I start watching TV on my SOLO box, can somebody help me to find what do I need to do?

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          eferz Expert

          I recommend contact Sling Media technical support, usually that error means that there's hardware related issues with the Slingbox.

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            I have been experiencing the same issue for at least 2-3 months.  I have reset, rebooted, unplugged, restarted.  My connections have not changed, it just has stopped working.  When I first purchased the unit, it worked great - it would stream for hours on end.  A few months back it would cut off unexpectedly after 15-20 mins, but now it is to the point where it cuts off after about 10-15 seconds.  The unit was less than 1 year old when the issues first started, but now is unfortunately about 30 days out of warranty.


            I have read many posts here and on other forums about many SOLO users experiencing the same issues.  It seems to be related to a hardware malfunction that is common in the solo units (pertaining to reported bad capacitors).


            I have been an evangelist for Sling (I have 2 units), but this is very disappointing.  It seems more than obvious that this is a hardware issue with post after post on multiple forums describing the same issue.  It does not seem like the best customer service to say, "Go pay $30 bucks to talk to someone, and if you are out of warranty - just go pony up another $100 for a new one"


            Has anyone found a path forward on this issue?  What are our options?  Has Sling acknowledged this is a hardware issue and are repalcements being issued?




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                I have been getting the same message on 4 different Sling Boxes (acquired over the yrs) and cannot hold a connection for more than a few minutes without lockup (video freezes and/or turns green(?)).  I've also done complete reinstall/setup at home location including re-setup of local router (w/ fixed IP now).  My setup had worked perfectly for years until recent server issue - I'm doubtful all my systems would SUDDENLY experience hardware failure simultaneously.

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                I have recently started getting this same message: the 0x923400dc error. I have two different slingboxes (two different models) set up in two different houses. I have been watching these slingboxes with no problems; in North America, central America and in Europe. One has been in use for about three or four years and the other for about a year. I have been watching them on my laptops at different locations, and also on two desk top computers at work, on which I installed the software.


                For about a week both slingboxes, at every location, have been giving me the same error after only a few seconds.

                Both slingboxes at the same time, on different computers. This is too much of a coincidence. It's a bit weird that both slingboxes have started giving me the same error code at the same time. At first I thought that my employer had started blocking certain ports but checked out the slingboxes from home and other internet hot spots with the same results.

                All this leads me to believe that something has gone haywire with the slingbox software downloaded from the site. Is there some kind of virus which has crept into the slingbox software?

                I've checked for updates but both slingboxes tell me that I'm using the latest build.


                What's going on??

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                  I'm getting this same error now on a SOLO - this can't be coincidence

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                      I don't use my Slingbox a lot, but a few weeks ago I started seeing this issue as well (0x923400dc).  I noticed a firmware update was available and since I was remote, I elected not to apply it.  So tonight over the home LAN, I applied the latest update, I went from 1.5.something to 2.0.something - I had high hopes.  However, after only a few minutes, I again lost connectivity.


                      I'm still experimenting, but I'm watching the throughput statistics and the higher it goes, the more likely it seems to crash.


                      I've de-tuned the video resolution in Settings-SlingPlayer Options-Encoding to the loweest @ 160x120.  On my home LAN, it seems to max out at ~780kbps vs. 2000-4000+kbps when left fully Auto.  The picture quality is pretty awful, but it's running longer without losing connection.  Hmmm.


                      Update:  low resolution lasted quite a bit longer, but still failed.


                      After doing some more searching on this site, it's obvious this is a widespread problem.  The specified item was not found.in particular seems to have been started by a Sling employee.  https://community.sling.com/message/4482#4482


                      It looks like if you want to roll the dice, you pay $30 for a support call and according to Dana:


                      If after troubleshooting the support technician determines that the issue is a hardware failure, they will:

                        • Process the replacement free of charge and refund the tech support fee if you are within your warranty period, or:
                        • Charge a small fee for an out of warranty hardware replacement and, again, the tech support fee is refunded


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                          I'm out of warranty, I bought my Sling Solo for $80 used and have no intention of EVER paying another $99 to have Sling replace it - in other words, I've nothing to lose.


                          So I popped open my device and did indeed find 2 "bulging" caps, just as hundreds of folks have also discovered.  I'll be asking a friend more familiar with soldering to give me a hand, but this looks like an easy fix.


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                              so funny - I keep posting the fix, and my posts keep getting removed by the moderator (maybe my opinions of SM have been too strong). 


                              So since big brother is watching, here is the PG version - I'll keep it clean and I'll try to contain my frustrations.


                              The bulging capacitor issue was the problem with my box.  You can buy the replacement caps for about about $1.50 a piece at any local electronics store (hint: it rhymes with Shadio Rack).  There are step by step instrucitons on how to fix it on some other non-SM forums.  Just google slingbox capacitor issue.


                              Mine  was already out of warranty, so I had nothing to lose by opening it up and taking  a chance on fixing it.  Before  the fix, I could not stream for more than 2 seconds.  Since the fix, I have done  a 4 hour long continuous session, and have had NO problems in the 15 times I've  used the Slingbox since.


                              Good luck - I hope this post does not get scrubbed, since the solution is pretty easy and only took about an hour to complete.

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                          I'm shocked that the capacitor info you've been reading is absolutely, 100% correct.  I have my desktop, laptop, iTouch and iPhone all connected to my Slingbox Solo via both my home router and the ATT wireless network.  It's been perfect since I installed it in late December 2009 until October 2010 when I started losing connection after a few minutes.  I just figured it was simply a loss of ATT's wireless network since I was using that device the most, but then I tried my laptop which had zero connectivity and got the 0x923400dc "invalid state" error message.  Since my box is over 1 year old, it's out of warranty, so why not try the capacitor fix?  I opened my box, and sure enough, 2 of the 3 capacitors were bulging.  I followed the readily available instructions, changed-out the 2 capacitors, and EVERY DEVICE I OWN WORKS LIKE A CHARM...on both wi-fi and the ATT network.  No stalling, disconnections, error messages...nothing...it's like brand new.


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