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    How to Increase speed past 2mb


      Hi. I currently have Verizon FIOS at my "Slingbox" site, with at least 5mb upload speed. At my Slingplayer site, I have ATT Uverse at 18MB download speed. When I connect to my slingbox from my slingplayer, the best I can seem to stream is around 2mb. Is there a way to optimize this connection? I have heard of other people who can stream higher than what I am streaming. I have a Slingbox AV . Any help is appreciated.

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          adbuckster Newbie

          Good Luck, my friend!  I have a lousy internet connection where I live (3g is all that is available, and the best it gives me is 1Mbps, but more often only around 7-800Kbps).......even when my speed test on my PC shows a full 1Mbps, the slingplayer, slingbox.com/watch, and my slingcatcher are lucky to show a download speed of the 400's Kbps.  I know that I really need at least 500Kbps for halfway decent picture........now, the last two days, only in the evenings, even though my speed test is adequate, I'm getting less than 20Kbps and that means freeze, stop, freeze, ****, freeze......so, let me know if you have any luck with your issue (I should be so lucky).

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            tiborg Newbie

            Does your contract guarantee 5Mb upload, or is it just a best effort deal. If it's the latter, you'll have to pay for a better connection. Otherwise try a different port to see if they are just throttling the standard slingbox port.