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    Slingbox on Sony Bravia EX700 or PS3 ?


      Hello I bought a slingbox pro HD at best buy, and I hooked it up at my house.


      Now I am trying to figure out how to watch the slingbox on my Sony Bravia EX700 that I bought for my office down the street. The bravia has internet capabilty, but as of right now I don't see how to actually search on google etc to get the watch slingbox to work. I also tried to bring my PS3 in, but when I try to watch slingbox on it.. it says that slingbox does not support the browser?


      I have searched around about both with not much help, but I did read that slingbox is not compatible with PS3 yet.. I guess they are working on it possibly ? hopefully that works soon.. anyways..


      It seems weird slingbox wouldn't work on the sony bravia either.. the model is KDL40EX700 and it has certain widgets etc... like yahoo video, and these other things... or youtube videos... but I can;t seem to figure out how to search for slingbox or get it working.


      Anyone know how I would go about getting the slingbox to work on there ?



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          eferz Expert

          It's not possible at this time, as there aren't any clients currently compatible with either the Sony Bravia EX700 or the Playstation 3.  The Bravia Internet Widgits are based on Yahoo's TV Widgets which don't have a client for the Slingbox.  The Playstation's internet browser isn't compatible with the Web Slingplayer plug-in, so far its only compatible with the Safari for Mac, Firefox for PC and Mac, and the Internet Explorer for PC.