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    Sling box not pingable but viewable with player




      I've got a slingbox classic.  I've gone through all the configurations for internet viewing.  I have a 2-router configuration (ISP to a Westell and from Westell to Netgear then to slingbox).  My PC sits in the same network as the slingbox.  From my PC, I can watch my cable tv using the sling player (successful in connecting to the slingbox).  In trying to get internet viewing to work, I've configured Portforwarding on both routers and enabled logging.  I see the packets coming through both routers.  Unfortunately, I'm still can't watch tv over my internet connection (using iPad with ATT 3G).


      In doing the usual trouble-shooting steps (ping, traceroute), from my pc AND my netgear router, I'm unable to ping and traceroute to the sling box.  I know the slingbox is online as I'm watching the cable tv while typing this.  Any ideas why I'm unable to ping the slingbox, eventhough it's online?  Is there a way where I can connect directly onto the sling box to see the logs and try to understand what's the cause of my inability to watch over the internet?


      Any other suggestions I can try in order to watch my cable tv over the internet?


      My PC is Windows.



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          eferz Expert

          There's a current problem with the Sling servers described in this offical thread (https://community.sling.com/message/14266#14266).  It describes the current service interruption to be a part of the problem of Sling Accounts.  While I'm not sure it is relavant to your issue, you might consider watching that thread for further updates on the issue.  As the there are about seven servers that which the Sling Media ecosystem are dependant. 


          1. analytics.sling.com
          2. autoupdate.sling.com
          3. ms.sling.com
          4. secure.sling.com
          5. services.sling.com
          6. sparcs.slingmedia.com
          7. relay.sling.com