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    Signal drop


      My Pro HD has been installed and working fine for 18 months. Suddenly it is dropping the signal. On the receiving end as long as the system is connected it stays connected but when first starting up it will fail to find the slingbox. The only solution at that point is to power on and off the slingbox, then it works fine until the next login. I think I have eliminated it being anything else in the system. Has anyone else ever had a PRO HD act like this? Suggestions?

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          eferz Expert

          There's a current problem with the Sling servers described in this offical thread (https://community.sling.com/message/14266#14266).  It describes the current service interruption to be a part of the problem of Sling Accounts.  While I'm not sure it is relavant to your issue, you might consider watching that thread for further updates on the issue.  As the there are about seven servers that which the Sling Media ecosystem are dependant. 


          1. analytics.sling.com
          2. autoupdate.sling.com
          3. ms.sling.com
          4. secure.sling.com
          5. services.sling.com
          6. sparcs.slingmedia.com
          7. relay.sling.com