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    Error: 0x9237001


      Unable to connect. THe only error message I can pull up is:


      Error: 0x92370001

      Context: 20

      Operation: 110

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          eferz Expert

          There's a current problem with the Sling servers described in this offical thread (https://community.sling.com/message/14266#14266).  It describes the current service interruption to be a part of the problem of Sling Accounts.  While I'm not sure it is relavant to your issue, you might consider watching that thread for further updates on the issue.  As the there are about seven servers that which the Sling Media ecosystem are dependant. 

          1. analytics.sling.com
          2. autoupdate.sling.com
          3. ms.sling.com
          4. secure.sling.com
          5. services.sling.com
          6. sparcs.slingmedia.com
          7. relay.sling.com
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            I just had the same error. Here is what seemed to do it.


            - logout of your Slingbox account

            - Unplug the Slingbox, lit it sit for about 5 minutes

            Plug it back in, login and connect


            Hope this helps

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              Any further updates on a fix to this issue.  Had the problem for about a month now and everything I try doesn't resolve the issue.


              Working fine for 12 months then this error came out of the blue.