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    Other PLC not working


      I am not sure how to find if this was answered before,please let me know if there is a thread on this.

      We have an existing Netgear PLC bridge plugged into our router and into the wall socket at the rounter, and its switch upstairs in the master bedroom. This works great.

      We just installed the Slinglink Turbo bridge at the same location at the router and the 4 port switch about 40' away at our TIVO unit.(Both on the same floor.)

      I was able to set up the slingbox with the slinglink up using my PC that is directly plugged into the router.

      The slingbox works on this PC.

      Now, my wireless laptops that connect to the Netgear switch in the master bedroom, either can't connect, or take around 5 minutes to connect to the internet, and then can't change sites.

      I tried rebooting both the Slinglink and the Netgear, same problem.

      If I disconnect the Slinglink bridge, I can connect wirelessly right away with both laptops.

      What should i do?



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          eferz Expert

          You might be having an addressing conflict with the SlingLinks.  Every network device has a low level address known as a Media Access Control (MAC) address.  It might be that the SlingLink is somehow conflicting with your wireless access point.  Actually, I'm not sure you mentioned if you're using a seperate access point or if yours is built into your router.  Actually, I don't think you were specific with which router you have in this setup.


          It definately sounds like there's a conflict with the wireless access point and the SlingLinks.