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    Solo not detected


      Using a Slinglink Turbo with my slingbox Solo. Hooked into a Linksys Wireless router. I run the setup tool online and it will not detect my slingbox. Both red lights on the slingbox are on. All 3 green lights on the slinglink turbo are on and solid green with an occasional blink.


      help please

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          eferz Expert

          I would try simplifing things by connecting the Slingbox directly to your router.  This will provide a process of elimination to determine if the SlingLink might somehow be interferring with the connectivity.  Also, try performing a factory reset as described in this article (http://support.slingmedia.com/get/KB-1000038.html).  It is possible that the the Slingbox is using an IP address that is not compatible with your network.  Perhaps it was configured to be used with a different router.  Reseting the Slingbox to the factory condition will allow it to grab a brand new DHCP address from your router.