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    Cannot connect to configure




      Ive been looking around here for my problem but i cant find something that helps me.

      I just bought a slingbox pro and now im trying to install it. I made an account and connected the slingbox to my router.


      When im trying to configure the slingbox a message appears : " you must have an internet connection to proceed" "the setup assistant requires an internet connection to configure your slingbox, please make sure your computer is connected to the internet and click continue to try again"

      Its weird because im connected and the firewall is turned off so the box should be able to connect right??


      Can someone please help me with this, im leaving for France for 6 months and i would really really want my home channels with me..


      Best wishes David

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          Ditto. Can not connect to setup utility and the desktop program says I need an internet connection yet here I am!!!!  Are the servers having problems.  This has been going on for several days. 

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              eferz Expert

              There's current problem with the Sling servers described in this offical thread (https://community.sling.com/message/14266#14266).  It describes the current service interruption to be a part of the problem of Sling Accounts.  While I'm not sure it is relavant to your issue, you might consider watching that thread for further updates on the issue.  As the there are about seven internet servers that which the Slingbox ecosystem are dependant.


              1. analytics.sling.com
              2. autoupdate.sling.com
              3. ms.sling.com
              4. secure.sling.com
              5. services.sling.com
              6. sparcs.slingmedia.com
              7. relay.sling.com