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    No lights, box dead


      I have a big problem. Since yesterday all lights on my Slingbox   classic 150-110 are dark and the box is dead. I checked the power supply  and found out, it is very hot and has an output of 25 V instead  of 6  V. I opend the Slingbox and saw, that there is no circuitbreaker  installed to prevent damages. The check with another power supply did not work. Has anybody an idea, what to do now? Any hints how to repair  the box? I don't like to buy a new box because of a damaged power  supply.

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          eferz Expert

          Are you sure it was 25V not 25W?  It makes more sense to be 25 Watts since that's around the operating wattage that the Slingbox uses.  You can figure out the actually wattage by multiplying the "Volts" by the "Amp" and that's the possible wattage output.


          As for the Slingbox, there's a label on the bottom of it that indicates the proper power input requirements.  You'll see a label that indicates the Volts, Amps, and Polarity requirements.  You should be able to compare this with the specifications on the AC power adapter to ensure you are using the correct one.  However, if the power supply malfunctioned and overloaded the Slingbox, you probably will need to have them both replaced.