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    Please provide a usable program guide for SlingPlayer mobile


        Current guide (DIRECTV) is hard to read with the controls covering the program information.  It is also extremely slow and difficult to see what’s on, rendering this feature virtually useless.  Currently I find myself going to the DIRECTV app to see what’s on and then going back to Slingbox mobile to watch.  Would like to see a program guide feature, similar to the PC version, added to SlingPlayer mobile (iPhone).  This would greatly enhance the viewing experience simply by making it easier to find desired programs.

        I feel the program guide should be a full screen pop up displaying program information for each channel.  I would also like to have the ability to edit what channels are displayed in the program guide and to save channel listings to groups.  Group examples might be ALL, LOCAL, SPORTS, MOVIES, NEWS, MUSIC, ECT…  Again, these groups would be program listings and would display information on what is playing on each channel within the group.  Selecting a program or channel within the group should automatically tune to the desired channel and also load the remaining channels in the group as available channels.  Swiping your finger left or right would still change channels loaded as favorites.  Swiping your finger up and down would change channels depending of the group selected in the program guide.

        If the group features above could be added, it would be nice to have them sync or utilizes the groups present in the PC guide software.  This would allow for easier editing on the PC and automatically update the groups on Slingbox mobile.