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    Can't find Dish ViP722 in device list

    indychris Newbie

      Hey all,


      I could really use some help here. My initial experience with my slingbox Pro HD has not been good. My first disappointment was the discovery that Sling Player for the Pro HD is NOT offered for Mac. Yeah, I know, buyer beware. Unfortunately, all I saw was 'compatible with Mac' and didn't see the small print on the box that said I'd have to use the web based streaming.


      Secondly, it took me 12 hours and more than 20 attempts to even be able to create an account on Sling, as the accounts.sling.com simply would not respond for me.


      Now as I go through the setup of my slingbox, I'm attempting to locate my video source for the remote (I assume) and I can't seem to find Dish Network's ViP722 anywhere on the list.  Am I looking for the wrong manufacturer? Is it someone other than Dish?


      Any help that can be provided would be GREATLY appreciated. If I don't get this thing Ironed out by tomorrow morning, it's going back to Best Buy!


      I'm hoping I can still find a way for it to be useful.


      Thanks to all,