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    Acer Revo and Slingplayer




      Is the Acer Revo 3610 powerful enough to play the slingplayer? It is just SD not HD that I will be using.

      Brief specs of the Revo

      Operating System- Windows® 7 Home Premium

      Processor- Intel Atom Processor N330 (1MB L2 cache, 1.60GHz, 533MHz FSB)

      Chipset- NVIDIA ION

      Memory- 2GB (1/1) DDR2 800 SDRAM


      Has anyone actually tried the slingplayer on this model?




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          I'm responding to you from an Acer Revo  AR3610-U2002 which I just purchased for this exact purpose.  I have a Slingbox Pro HD at home and have connected this Acer Revo to an HDTV at  my vacation place.  The answer is, it works, but not well.  At least not yet.  When I first connect and start up Slingplayer, it is excellent.  It streams the HD content with good quality.  The remote control works well, and video and sound through the HDMI are great.  After watching a while, if i change channels, the playback gets very choppy, and it becomes unwatchable.  If I quit the Slingplayer application and reconnect, it works flawlessly again.  This HTPC model is highly rated on the web, and has a great graphics chip, but unless I can find a solution to this problem, I wouldn't recommend it out of the box as a Slingcatcher replacement.  If I do find a solution, I'll update this response.  If anybody else has some experience, please chime in.  Thanks



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            Just wanted to ask a new version of this question.


            I'm thinking of getting a Sling HD, and currently have the newer version of the Revo (3700)


            3610: Intel Atom 330(1.60GHz) 2GB DDR2


            3700:Intel Atom D525(1.80GHz) 2GB DDR3


            Has anyone used the 3700 for Sling HD? If so, does it still have the same issues as the 3610: choppiness after you change channels?