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    trial version


      I understand that there is no trial version of mobile slingbox for the iphone.  This product is $30.  Does anyone know if they give refunds or will I completely love this product.  I was using Orb but cannot connect with windows 7 and iphone 4 and they are not helping me so I bought a slingbox.  I do notice that Orb can record tv shows and slingbox cannot.  So do they give refunds if I do not like the mobile app.   Thanks

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          eferz Expert

          If after purchasing the the app from iTunes, you can still apply for a refund.


          How to Get a Refund from iTunes


          1. To begin the process of requesting a refund from the iTunes store, you will need to first open iTunes.
          2. Navigate to your purchase history by clicking "Store">"View My Account">>"Purchase History."
          3. Inside your Purchase History page, select "Report a Problem."
          4. In the window that opens up to report your problem, describe your reason for requesting a refund. Be very polite and very detailed as to why you are requesting a refund and what exactly it is for.
          5. That's it! Apple customer service should usually respond to you within 48 hours and let you know if your request has been granted. Read the tips and warnings below for additional information about requesting a refund from iTunes