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    Unable to log into Slingbox account.


      Setup: Vista laptop, DSL, CAT5, Slingplayer 2.0, connected to HDTV.


      I am living in Japan and have a Slingbox and dedicated cable box in the US. I have had the set-up for four month and everything has worked perfectly up until the last week or so.


      My issue: I am having inconsistencies logging into my Slingbox account. I will eventually be able to log in after numerous attemps. Sometime on the first try-sometimes on the tenth try. I will get the message that "setup requires and internet connection" to I try again until I can log in. The problem seems to be getting worse (more log on attempts before success).


      I believe the proble is at the Slingbox server. Here's why. I have both DSL and fiber optic ISP's. Two seperate companies. (DSL dedicated to TV since Japan ISP not blocked i.e. Hulu, Fancast). I have Slingplayer on seperate computers on sperate ISP's with different OP (Win 7 on FIBOP) and have the same problem. I don't think it's a ISP issue. I don't think it's a firewall or AV issue (I use Norton).


      The other issue I have with Slingplayer 2.0 is that the program guide does not load consistantly. For instance, I am using Slingplayer right now. Great picture, virtual remote working, but channel guide won't load completely, in that it tries to load, but I get no channel listings.  I close it. reopen the channel listing, and now I get the flash screen "You must have Internet connection to proceed".  I am getting this message and Slingplayer is working fine, except for the channel guide.  I am also logged in according to the "Logged" status in the top right hand corner. This is why I think it's an issue with Slingmedia servers or the channel guide (third party??).


      One more thing. When I access my Slingbox through the IE plug-in, I also have similar issues.  I  am able to log in after a few failed attemps, and when I do log in, I can watch/hear TV, but am unable to use/bring up virtual remote, or access any other links. The hyperlinks glow when I hover over them, but I cannot click. I get an "+" instead of an arrow. This leads me to believe that it is not Slingplayer 2.0.


      I have unistalled and re-installed Slingplayer.


      Any help would be appriciated.