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    Stuttering over network


      Is there a way to tell the catcher to drop the "intelligent" data transfer speed and just transfer as fast as possible, or at the very least at a speed that goes no lower than a configurable setting?


      The reason I say this is most of the time I have my Catcher upstairs in the bedroom on the same network as the Slingbox. No matter what resolution I use on the catcher the picture is always fine. Obviously on an internal network I have it on top resolution. But, when the box starts slowing down the transfer speed, presumingly because it doesn't need so much bandwidth because the screen isn't moving so much etc, then it can stutter the sound (picture is still perfectly smooth). The most obvious is when the picture is frozen for some reason, or with very little moving onscreen (eg. a news presenter with only their mouth moving, or looking at a landscape with nothing going on), and someone is talking. Stuttertastic on the sound so much that you cannot understand anything. Once the picture starts moving again then all is good.


      You can see in the options that the bandwidth has gone right down. Instead of being in the thousands (it's an internal network) it's only a few hundred. This makes me think it tries to optimize the bandwidth but it's lowest limit is just a little too low for the sound. If I lower the resolution then it's a little better, but still happens. It never stutters even on fast moving stuff so it's obviously a Catcher software issue. Note that all my computers, including the ones on wireless, work perfectly fine with no such problems, so it must just be the Catcher which does it all the time. Also note the Catcher seems to work perfectly fine over the internet.


      On a side note is it possible to have a flag in the options to get rid of streaming so on a network the remote control is faster to update? I mean it takes like a couple of seconds to register the remote control over the internet 3000 miles away, and the same amount in the same house. That can't be right surely?


      Anyway for the stuttering thing if there is no option then is there any chance of a firmware update? I know they don't sell them anymore but surely a quick fix to raise the lowest streaming bandwidth is a no-brainer on a device that can be unwatchable for me at times. A lot of money when my old Netbook can do a better job... Actually make that also my iPhone actually does a better job...



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          I have noticed the exact same issue.  The video remains perfect, but the sound gets all choppy.  Mine seems to happen nearly randomly, but it does it very often.  I have noticed that it will almost always start doing this on scenes without much motion.  Fades to black during commercial breaks are a good example of this.  My only work around so far (if you want to even call it that) is to turn on closed captions on my cable box...  at least that way I can read what is being said.


          It is very odd that this only happens on home networks and not over the internet.  This is a pretty huge issue with the Sling Catcher and one that could hopefully be resolved with a simple firmware update.  Ironically enough, this is really my only issue with it.  I just wish it wasn't so major.  All I am doing with mine 98% of the time is using it to watch cable in our bedroom.

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              I've only recently purchased a Sling Catcher in order to watch and control my Sky HD PVR from the bedroom. I'm using it in conjunction with a Slingbox Pro HD over my home network. I have exactly the same problem as described here, although the behaviour is completely predictable.


              Whenever the video feed changes from lots of movement to a nearly static display, for instance, when showing soccer results, the audio stutters. Whenever showing little movement on screen, for instance, a person being interviewed in front of a brick wall, the stuttering begins.


              I say it's completely predictable because I can play a recorded programme from my Sky HD PVR and the audio stutters in *exactly* the same place each and every time! (It does not stutter when watched at the source)


              The audio will also stutter when changing channels - which on the Sky HD PVR results in placing a static banner at the bottom of the screen.


              For what it's worth, I can stream over the internet (or home network) from my Slingbox using either the website Watch feature, or the Sling Player desktop application on both a PC or Mac without these annoying problems, so I'm confident that this is a Sling Catcher issue.


              It's really disappointing that nobody from Sling has commented on this issue as it makes the Sling Catcher very frustrating to use.


              Oh, and yes, I've reset both the Slingbox Pro HD and Sling Catcher multiple times!


              I wondered if any progress had been made on this issue?

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              Exactly the same problem here!


              Is it a UK only problem maybe? I have a UK Slingbox Pro and UK Catcher (both latest firmware).

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                I have the same issue on my slingcatcher.  I can see the bandwidth droping from 3000 to the 800s on my catcher (wired to my DSLmodem) but my wireless laptop never falls below 2000.  Has anyone called Support? Is there any other option to address the Slingcatcher?Thank you!

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                  15th May 2011

                  I have a brand new Slingbox Solo and although immediately after setup it seem reasonably OK, tonight I too am experiencing extreme stuttering when viewing on my local network. A pop-up error suggests poor network bandwidth but both my PC and Slingbox are hardwired to my router so should be up to 100Mbit/s which is more than enough. Looks like a fundamental fault to me and if there is no fix forthcoming its going back to where I bought it.

                  Is there any useful support for this product?