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    Watching AT&T U-verse through a Slingbox Solo with the TV off


      My Uverse works fine and my just-now connected Slingbox Solo works  fine.  Next, I wanted to test remote viewing (before leaving home), so I  switched off the TV.  I could still see the stream on the laptop, but  Uverse was covering most of the screen with an error message:


      Unable to display video. (H1005)
      1. Unplug & Plug in video connection (HDMI) at U-verse receiver.
      2. Unplug & plug in power cable to U-verse receiver.
      3. Please visit www.att.com etc for more assistance


      If I could remotely switch on the TV while I use the Slingbox away from home, that would do it.  But even setting up the TV to show a blank screen, it's wasteful.


      Additional info:  my TV is hooked up to the AT&T Motorola set-top box via an HDMI cable.


      Thanks in advance for any assistance.


      -- Bob


      P.S.  I have posted this on a Uverse forum as well.