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    Slingbox in Abu Dhabi - UAE


      Slingbox Pro worked great for the past 4 months and all of a sudden I can not get connected to my Pro. Everything working fine in the States, no issues with connectivity, etc. Is anyone else in the UAE experiencing these problems? Is there a firewall issues? Any help would be greatly appreciated as football season is approaching quickly.



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          In follow up to my recent post, the following prompt comes up when I try and connect to my Slingbox Pro:


          " The connection attempt failed. Make sure the Slingbo you are watching is on (CONFIRMED IT IS ON), set up for remote viewing (CONFIRMED IT IS SET UP FOR REMOTE VIEWING - I THINK as this prompt has never shown up before), and not blocked by Firewall/NAT settings(I have not changed anything on my PC, so have no idea what to do here).


          Thanks again