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    Problems today - it worked fine yesterday.


      First of all, Tech Support is a joke. Last night I watched 4 hours of DirecTV from work with zero problems and tonight I cannot even log in from this computer. If I remote control into another computer off of these premises but still not on the network where the SlingBox is, it works just fine. I believe the company I work for may have closed a port or something. The tech support "Guru" told me that they are performing manitenance on the server that handles logging in and that there may be slowness in loggin in. I have tried logging in from the other remote computer five times and it worked five times... The computer where I am says that I am not connected to the internet although as evidenced by the existance of this post, I obviously am connected to the internet. Now truthfully, a fundamental issue is what in the **** are they performing maintenance on a log in server during primetime when they could just as easliy do the "maintenance" in the middle of the night!!!! None the less, I do not believe that the BS that the "guru" is pushing on me is actually causing my problem, and he was unwilling, or unable as the case may be, to accept that there might be another problem. Would anyone here have any advice?