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    Best DVD/VCR as a tuner?


      Hello Fellow Slingers,


      I have a SOLO and I desire to tuck it away under the computer desk at my parents' house so I can watch their TV stations (read: local sports) while I'm away.  I can't hook it up to their TV because then I'm SOL on getting it an internet connection.  Plus, this keeps it out of their way.


      So, community: what's the best (read: cheapest, smallest) tuner for the job?


      On Sling's compatibility page it lists the CyberHome CH-DVD 300 as being compatible. This is cheap and small, however I cannot tell if it has a tuner.  Does Sling list tunerless players? It would seem silly but one never knows...


      Thanks for any help/suggestions.

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          eferz Expert

          Probably the cheapest would be to have opt for a DVR from their local television provider.  Then you could hook into that.  Otherwise you can get one of the clearnce TiVo's instead (https://www3.tivo.com/store/clearance.do).


          As for size, well... you're kind out of luck there.  Perhaps you might be more interested in getting a Monsoon Vulkano to replace the Sling Media Slingbox Solo.


          P.s., the CyberHome CH-DVD 300 is just a DVD player.

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              Thanks for the link.  $50 seems a tad high. I guess I was just hoping there was a go-to receiver the community unofficially agreed was the best. I have an old VCR that "works" in the sense it powers on, but the signal to the Slingbox is extremely garbled.

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                  eferz Expert

                  I don't think there is a "go to" cheap tuner or vcr, since television service is so balkanized.  There are just way too many varients for television.


                  For example

                  • PAL vs NTSC
                  • Satellite vs Cable vs Over the Air
                  • Analog vs Digital
                  • Encrypted vs Unencrypted


                  Then you have to worry about connectivity.

                  • HDMI
                  • DVI
                  • SCART
                  • Component
                  • Composite
                  • S-Video
                  • Coax


                  Then you have to worry about powering it


                  Type Plug standard Power rating Grounded Polarised Fused
                  ANEMA 1–15 unpolarised15A/125VNoNoNo
                  NEMA 1–15 polarised15A/125VNoYesNo
                  JIS C 8303, Class II15A/100VNoNoNo
                  BNEMA 5–1515A/125VYesYesNo
                  NEMA 5–2020A/125VYesYesNo
                  JIS C 8303, Class I15A/100VYesYesNo
                  CCEE 7/16 (Europlug)2.5A/250VNoNoNo
                  CEE 7/1716A/250VNoNo1No
                  GOST 7396 C 16A/250V
                  DBS 546 (2 pin)2A/250V
                  5A/250V = BS 4573
                  BS 546 (3 pin)2A/250V
                  15A/250V = SABS 164
                  ECEE 7/516A/250VYesYesNo
                  FCEE 7/4 (Schuko)16A/250VYesNoNo
                  E+FCEE 7/716A/250VYesYes2No
                  GBS 1363, IS 401 & 411, MS 589, SS 14513A/230-240VYesYesYes
                  HSI 3216A/250VYesYesNo
                  IAS/NZS 311210A/240V
                  Yes and
                  IRAM 207310A/250VYesYesNo
                  JSEV 101110A/250V
                  KSection 107-2-D113A/250VYesYesNo
                  Thailand TIS 166 – 254913A/250VYesYesNo
                  LCEI 23-16/VII10A/250V
                  IEC 60906-1 (2 pin)10A and 20A/250VNoNoNo
                  IEC 60906-1 (3 pin)10A and 20A/250VYesYesNo