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    Why would my slingbox stream stop working?


      I just moved and watched my stream from another network (then the one i set it up on) for the first time yesterday which is also the day I set up the new wireless network at the appt. I had a few blips as things loaded a little slower and there was a windows pop up asking me permission to allow access to the software.. I of course said yes and had no problems watching the rest of the night.. However this morning when i tried to access my stream it no longer loads up and gives me the options for why it doesnt work no signal slingbox not turned on etc.. So I called the house where I am slinging from the box is on and the internet is working.. I dont think its a firewall issue but have no clue about firewalls or proxies and not sure how to set it properly, also if that was the issue shouldn't it have not worked yesterday? so confused sorry I know there is a lot to digest in there..