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    Picture quality after upgrade


      My picture quality is terrible, and the picture freezes up after I upgraded to the latest firmware.

      I use a slingbox pro hd, and a slingcatcher at a remote location, and it would not work until I upgraded.

      The picture was acceptable before the upgrade, now it not even watchable.

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          I am having the same problem... my picture freezes every 2-3 seconds.. I have no changed anything, I haven't even upgraded the firmware.. let me know if you find any solutions!



          - Kellyann

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              eferz Expert

              The Slingbox may be at a point  where cooling is not going to resolve the problem.  The Slingbox's  capacitors have a ionic conducting liquid which may have evaporated to a  point where cooling is not going to help.  These capacitors aren't  hermetically sealed to prevent them from exploding if too much pressure  built up inside.  If too much of the the liquid has evaporated then  there's an avalanche effect on the resistance of the capacitors.  This  could cause any number of symptoms like you've described.


              You can be experiencing firmware issues as described by 42n81 as described in this thread (https://community.sling.com/message/14140#14140).   I can't explain why it appears only certain people are affected, but  reverting to an older version of the firmware has resolved that  particular problem.