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    Slingbox not detected with Windows 7 ...but works on XP, Vista


      Dusted off my Slingbox classic now that I have a need for it, but I can't get a Win7 machine to find my Slingbox (even on my home network).


      Some background:

      - I reset my Slingbox and went through setup using a Vista machine.  It is working fine (I did this using SlingPlayer SW)

      - I used it in the past with no issues as well (always XP and Vista).

      - I have a Belkin router (F5D7231-4 maybe?...I'm not in front of it now)

      - I have tried slingbox.com and slingplayer SW on my Win7 machines (tried to 2 PCs on my home network)

      - I have tried turning Win7 Firewall off

      - My router is setup per Slingbox setup instructions (open port 5001, etc)....and it works on XP as I said

      - On Win7 it never finds my Slingbox ("You have no Slingboxes detected on your home network...try again?)


      Any suggestions for what to change / how to get Sling to work on Win7 machine?