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    Slingbox Pro streams well for 7 minutes, then drops connection


      Hi everyone,


      I have been using a Slingbox Pro for 2 weeks and have generally been happy with it.  I was previously able to stream over the internet with no problems at all until yesterday with intermittent streaming interruption.


      The problem is this: I am able to connect perfectly over the internet, streaming over two very reliable internet connections, with excellent picture quality and smooth playback.  Then suddenly, after 7 minutes of such streaming, the SlingPlayer video and audio feeds are cut, and the message shows "Streaming... 0 Kbps" when it was "Streaming... 600 Kbps" moments before.  The stream will not re-connect automatically.  When attempting to connect again, it is stuck at "Optimizing... 0 Kbps" after locating the SlingBox.  After 2-3 minutes, I can reconnect and streaming will resume for approximately 7 minutes until the stream cuts out yet again.


      Internet connections are working at both locations with no interruption of service.  Web page viewing is consistently working well even when SlingBox streaming stops.


      I am using a SlingBox Pro.  Firmware version 1.4.20.

      Connection is interrupted just as consistently with the desktop application as with the Android Mobile App and watch.slingbox.com viewer.