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    Alltel HTC Hero 2.1 Android

    mstanley Newbie



      I've checked the requirements for Slingplayer for Android and its telling me that ALL Android Devices are supported.  However when attempting to find Slingplayer on the Android Market it doesn't find it.


      Why is that?


      Previously you listed several different Android phones as the requirement and now you don't list any and are saying that ALL Android phones are supported.


      Quote: "SlingPlayer Mobile™ supports all Android mobile phones."


      The above statement is from the requirements of Slingplayer Mobile for Android.



      Do you need to update the Android Market so that Alltell HTC Hero Owners can purchase your Software?


      Please let me know why I am unable to Purchase and or Download the Slingplayer for my HTC Hero from Alltel.



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          eferz Expert

          There's actually a couple reasons why the Slingplayer Mobile (SPM) for Android isn't showing up in the  Google Andriod Market Place.  This is because SPM is marked as a paid, copy-protected application.  Google uses filters in the Android Mariet  to manage access based on sanctioned country, rom, and phone  combinations.


          There's a small subset of countries which have the ability to buy Andriod applications.  The country  is determined by the SIM in your mobile device not by physical  location.  So, you could get around Google's filter by using a pre-paid  SIM from one of the supported countries.


          The other filter is due to the  application being copy protected.  Google will govern your access based  on the "/system/build.prop" file.  If it is sanctioned, then Google will  have its fingerprint saved it in their database.  This can prevent  certain phone/ROM combination and rooted access from seeing any  copy-protected applications within the Andriod Market.


          The  following link best describes the issue and possible workarounds (http://androidforums.com/samsung-galaxy-spica/98024-protected-app-market-fix-tutorial-build-prop.html).


          Once you've been able to figure out a work around of the Google filters then you can use the following url market://details?id=com.slingmedia.slingPlayer or QR Code to find the Slingplayer Mobile for iPhone within Google's Andriod Market.


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            mstanley Newbie

            While I appreciate your response, I've read this post by you before concerning this issue.


            If such is the case then the statement  "SlingPlayer Mobile™ supports all Android mobile phones." Does not hold true.


            If that were the case then I'd be able to download the Application without having to go through the Android Market.


            The sad fact of the matter is, Slingplayer Mobile Doesn't Support ALL Android Phones.


            The Links you posted do not apply as Rooting the phone to install this  application that Slingmedia states that ALL Android phones are supported  is not what im looking for.

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                eferz Expert

                I certainly think that's one way to interpret it.  The other way, is that Google filters is preventing you from purchasing it.


                Did you try test listed in the link which I provided?

                Before we start, check the Android Market from your phone using the  Market app (the official Google one, not Appbrain or others). Search for  "dr droid". There are two Dr. Droid apps, a free and a paid version and  both are "protected" apps. If you can't see them, then your firmware  probably isn't cleared for "protected" apps.
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                mstanley Newbie

                I see the free version of Dr. Droid, not the paid version.

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                  mstanley Newbie

                  Not all paid apps, as I can select top paid apps and im able to buy those...

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                      eferz Expert

                      I would recommend contacting Google's customer service to find out why you've been excluded from seeing certain paid apps.  There are no technological reasons why you're being discriminated from purchasing either Dr. Droid or Slingplayer Mobile for Andriod.

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                      mstanley Newbie

                      uh, I have to contact Google Customer Service to buy an Application thats made by Sling Media?  I can see where that will get me, Google Customer service will tell me to Contact Sling Media.

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                          eferz Expert

                          Yes, remember the application is hosted for purchase on Google's  Marketplace.  Its their filters which are preventing you from purchasing  the application.  They will be able to advise you which filter is preventing you from seeing the application.

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                          mstanley Newbie

                          Well for me to go to Google and  Ask why I can't purchase Slingplayer Mobile is a waste of my time.  The  simple fact of the matter is that Sling Media is LOSING out on sales of  their product if Google is restricting access to their Application.


                          This is a Sling Media problem and should be handled by Sling Media.


                          Or  they need to change the listed supported Devices :"As Determined by  Google and whatever devices that they will allow you to download and or  purchase from the Android Market"


                          Because right now  ALL Android Devices Supported is a flat out LIE.


                          This is unacceptable.

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                            mstanley Newbie

                            LOL!  Yeah, I highly doubt there are even enough Android users that even know about this problem. Let alone care about this problem.


                            Are there any Sling Media employees or Techs that read these forums?


                            I'd forward this on to Support however it would probably fall on deaf ears.


                            And yeah you are right, Its FALSE advertising Plain and Simple.

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                              mstanley Newbie

                              I highly doubt I'll even get a response on the Google Support forums.

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                                mstanley Newbie

                                From what I could find yes.

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                                    eferz Expert

                                    That blows.  At least Sling Media has multiple contact points (http://www.slingmedia.com/go/contact)

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                                        mstanley Newbie

                                        They do?  Those Slingmedia contact points are worthless.

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                                            eferz Expert

                                            OMG did you read this back and forth? (http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Android+Market/thread?tid=24c34d9f07557faf&hl=en)


                                            adadogensco wrote:

                                            I purchased the SlingPlayer Mobile software via the Droid Market on my Motorola phone.  Today I had to reset my phone and lost all data.  When I enter the Market, it asks me to pay for the SlingPlayer Mobile software.   How can I get this back on my phone or registered in the Market place as paid?  Thanks.
                                            adadogensco wrote:

                                            Also tried signing on using original id and password but application still shows up requesting me to 'buy'.  Is there any option to this?   Can I backup purchased apps. to avoid this happening again?  Thanks.
                                            TreKing wrote:

                                            Search this forum for "Slingplayer Mobile". Many people have posted about issues with it. Maybe someone has an answer for you.
                                            adadogensco wrote:

                                            Thanks for the reply.  It appears that there are many others who have 'lost applications' after performance a Droid phone reset.   I can't seem to find anyone who represents the Android Market.  I was told by Verizon Wireless that there was great support for all this???  Next month I'm also getting an iPhone through work so it will be interesting to compare the two from a support standpoint.

                                            TreKing wrote:

                                            I can't seem to find anyone who represents the Android Market.

                                            That's because that person does not exist. The Android Market sucks so much and is plagued with so many issues, I doubt anyone is willing to "represent" it and take "credit".


                                            I was told by Verizon Wireless that there was great support for all this???

                                            I spit out my coffee after reading this ... Did they tell you that with a straight face? Because, wow did they ever lie to you. Maybe there's great support ON THEIR END. I've never had Verizon, so I don't know. But they definitely weren't talking about Google or the Android Market.


                                            Next month I'm also getting an iPhone through work so it will be interesting to compare the two from a support standpoint.
                                            I'm going to go out on a limb and call this one for the iPhone - and I've never used one.
                                            adadogensco wrote:

                                            I'm new to the Android Market so your comments are helpful.  I certainly don't want to re-experience what others have already become frustrated over.  I won't be purchasing additional applications from an area if there is no one to represent it.  Thanks for the data.

                                            TreKing's final response had me laughing pretty hard.

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                                                mstanley Newbie

                                                haha yeah Like I said.  I doubt Sling Media will answer this post and Highly Doubt Google will Answer my Post.

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                                                    eferz Expert

                                                    I suggest that tomorrow, between 7am and 7pm PST, using either that chat widget or phone number on the right-hand side of this page (http://support.slingbox.com/go/contact-sling-media).  At the very least, you'll get an answer from someone from one of the two companies.

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                                                        mstanley Newbie

                                                        Had a chat session with Sling Media,  here is their response, they are telling me I need to contact Google and have them figure out why I can't buy Sling Media's Software....................


                                                        8:57 AM Connecting...
                                                        8:57 AM Connected. A support representative will be with you shortly.
                                                        8:58 AM Support session established with Federico.


                                                        8:58 AM Federico: Thank you for contacting Sling Media Technical Support. My name is Federico. Which product are you looking for support on today?
                                                        8:58 AM Mike Stanley: Slingplayer Mobile
                                                        8:58 AM Federico: Hello Mike
                                                        8:58 AM Mike Stanley: hello
                                                        8:58 AM Federico: What kind of phone do you have and what is the problem that you are having?
                                                        8:59 AM Mike Stanley: I want to know why I can't Download Slingplayer Mobile from the Android Market.  It doesn't list the App.
                                                        8:59 AM Mike Stanley: Your requirements for it state that ALL Android phones are supported.
                                                        9:00 AM Federico: What is the model of your phone?
                                                        9:00 AM Mike Stanley: I have an Android Phone Running Android 2.1
                                                        9:00 AM Mike Stanley: HTC Hero
                                                        9:00 AM Federico: I understand the problem that you are having in regards that you can't download the software for your phone through the Market Place
                                                        9:01 AM Mike Stanley: that is correct
                                                        9:02 AM Federico: In that case, you will need to contact them directly because that phone is fully supported and they are the ones that handle those phones and the billing as well
                                                        9:02 AM Mike Stanley: uh
                                                        9:03 AM Mike Stanley: this is your Sling Media's Application
                                                        9:03 AM Mike Stanley: all thats going to happen is they are going to tell me to Contact You guys...
                                                        9:03 AM Mike Stanley: you guys are Losing out on Sales because Google is restricting Access to your application?
                                                        9:04 AM Federico: The software is from us but the Marlet Place is the one that is taking take of it, we don't have access to the Market Place, we provide support to customers once the software ins installed on the phone
                                                        9:04 AM Mike Stanley: do you have any contact information for them?
                                                        9:04 AM Federico: We don't handle that kind of information
                                                        9:04 AM Mike Stanley: LOL
                                                        9:04 AM Mike Stanley: do you have anyone in your office that can assist me with this issue?
                                                        9:04 AM Mike Stanley: your pushing me off to Google is not the solution.
                                                        9:05 AM Mike Stanley: This is Sling Media's Software and you should take ownership of the Problem.
                                                        9:05 AM Mike Stanley: Your losing out on Sales.
                                                        9:05 AM Mike Stanley: of your application
                                                        9:05 AM Federico: Unfortunately we can't do much because you don't have the software on the phone, for that reason, I'm recommending you to contact the Market Place directly
                                                        9:06 AM Mike Stanley: and so.  your telling me to contact the market place directly.
                                                        9:06 AM Mike Stanley: do you have their contact information?
                                                        9:07 AM Federico: Let me check one second please
                                                        9:10 AM Federico: It will be directly through the website market.android.com
                                                        9:11 AM Mike Stanley: ok.  you need to pass this chat log onto your Supervisor.  this is NOT an acceptable Solution.
                                                        9:13 AM Federico: I understand your point Mike but as the problem is related with the installation of the software in your phone through their website the issue is not related with us, it will be directly with them
                                                        9:14 AM Mike Stanley: you guys need to take issue with GOOGLE because I cannot purchase your software
                                                        9:14 AM Mike Stanley: not the other way around.
                                                        9:15 AM Federico: I can submit your feedback but for sure it is a problem with their website, as we don't have the software in our website and it is through a 3rd party website, the problem that you are having will be through them as I explained to you before
                                                        9:17 AM Mike Stanley: well thats a strike against you guys for letting Android Market manage your software
                                                        9:17 AM Mike Stanley: because they aren't doing a very good job.  and You are losing money.
                                                        9:18 AM Mike Stanley: you ever been on the Android Market Support?
                                                        9:18 AM Mike Stanley: its a nightmare
                                                        9:18 AM Federico: That is correct Mike
                                                        9:18 AM Mike Stanley: ton's of people having problems with downloading software
                                                        9:18 AM Mike Stanley: and yeah people are listing Slingplayer as one of the apps they can't download.
                                                        9:18 AM Mike Stanley: ETC
                                                        9:19 AM Federico: I will submit your comments to high levels to see if they can improve the service that Market Place are providing to our loyal customers
                                                        9:19 AM Mike Stanley: that would be wonderful
                                                        9:20 AM Federico: Is there anything else that I can do for you?
                                                        9:20 AM Mike Stanley: nope
                                                        9:20 AM Federico: Ok, I just submit the comments Mike
                                                        9:20 AM Federico: Thanks for contacting Sling Media tech support, enjoy the rest of your day.
                                                        Please remember to visit our website that is Slingbox.com for any doubt that you might have.


                                                        9:20 AM Federico has ended the session.

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                                                            eferz Expert

                                                            Well, at least you got a reply from one company, and they've escalated it to high levels.

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                                                                mstanley Newbie

                                                                Yep,  It is a start.


                                                                I think going to the dentist and having all my teeth pulled though would be an easier task.

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                                                                    eferz Expert

                                                                    Right?  It seems the Andriod Market isn't quite as curated as the iTunes Apps Store.  I was thinking of upgrading my phone to a Droid X, but after doing the research to help you.  I don't know anymore.  Maybe, I'll wait for both the platform and market to mature.

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                                                                        mstanley Newbie

                                                                        I hear you,  had I experienced the Android Market Support Before I purchased my Android phone, I may have reconsidered.


                                                                        What phone are you using?  Iphone?


                                                                        I came from a Blackberry.


                                                                        I also live in a market that doesn't Yet offer the Iphone, not that I would buy and Iphone anyway.  I dislike Apple's grip on the app store, however at this point at least if I had an Iphone I guess I wouldn't be here having this conversation.


                                                                        The Android market definately needs to Mature as more and more users get Android phones, I personally think that the OS is unstopable.  And since there are so many Android Phone manufacturers they are going to be hard to stop.

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                                                                            eferz Expert

                                                                            Yeah, I got the iPhone 3GS.  I agree with you about the App Store, but once you jailbreak your phone you can get apps from any repository like Cydia.  Which is kinda like the unrestricted version of the Andriod Market for iPhones.


                                                                            I definately agree with you that Andriod is on its way.  Especially with GoogleTV coming around the corner.  I'm excited about the ability to purchase apps for it from the Andriod Market.  I was hoping that I can use GoogleTV that as a "media extender" for the Slingbox.  Of course that depends whether the Slingplayer Mobile for Andriod is compatible or even visible. *gasp*  At least it wouldn't be too far of a stretch for Sling Media to make an native GoogleTV app.

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                                                        mstanley Newbie

                                                        Google, Along with Sling Media I believe made some changes to the Android Market.


                                                        Dr. Droid and Slingplayer Mobile now appear in the Andoid Market on my Alltel HTC Hero.



                                                        Thanks Dana!


                                                        Just curious, what was the issue?