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    can not connect to solo????


      ive had the slingbox for for three years now and never had a problem til today. i switched for the av to solo in april so im past my 90 days for customer support help without paying. im afraid if i pay it still will not fix my problem.  both lights are turned on in the front of the box but its saying problem connecting to the slingbox when i attempt to watch it from my laptop. when i try to watch it from my iphone it says remote streaming is not enabled on this device? all of a sudden it doesnt work. any ideas? i did reset the box but its not reading it so i cant reconfigure it anyway. what should or can i do?

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          eferz Expert

          Check support.slingbox.com to see if you have any red or yellow warnings.  The warnings on your page are paired with a link to an article in the knowledge base.  Also, make sure that you're not trying to connect to the old Slingbox AV instead of the Slingbox Solo.