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    Playing TS Files


      I have tried to play a TS file of BBC FOUR footage from a HUMAX PVR-9200T on my new Slingcatcher (firmware updated yesterday).

      The video is perfect, but I only get the audio description audio stream.

      I think that most UK Digital Terrestrial Broadcasts have two audio streams and the second stream carries the normal audio track.

      Is there a way of switching audio streams ?

      If not would Sling Media consider adding this feature to the next firmware update ?

      I don't think a dynamic switching facility would be necessary just a fixed setting.


      I realise it will be possible to process each TS file stripping out the unwanted audio stream, but this is a bit of a pain.


      In every other respect, the sling catcher seems a brilliant device and I was glad to see it included a European plug (your sales agent didn't think it would do).

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          eferz Expert

          If your HUMAX PVR-9200T has a button to change audio track on the physical remote, it is probably represented on the Slingplayer's remote.  Perhaps as one of the "custom #" features.

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              I didn't make it clear enough.

              I downloaded the TS files from the HUMAX onto my computer using the USB link.

              I then connected my USB disk drive with the TS file on it to the SlingCatcher.

              The Humax records the TS stream "as is" and the problem is that many UK DVB-T transmissions have TWO audio streams.

              The first audio stream in this case is an audio description track.

              The main audio track is the second stream.

              I would like a way of switching to the correct audioo stream on the SlingCatcher.

              Obviously I can process the file to remove the first audio stream, but this is not a convenient solution.

              I can of course supply a small TS file if this helps.

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                  BrandonC Novice

                  If it works like the SlingPlayer you may need to choose either the right or left channels to hear the audio. Might try both and see if it will pick up that channel.


                  SlingCatcher lets you choose if you hear stereo audio from a Slingbox,  or left or right audio channels only. To make this selection, press the  OPT key on the SlingCatcher remote control until you see the “Audio”  button. Select this and then pick the audio channel selection following  the on-screen instruction