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    Connection problems relating to iPhone / ios4 upgrade


      Firstly, apologies for using this specific area if it's wrong. I don't seem to be able to post to areas for the slingplayer mobile.


      My issue is that immediately after upgrading the OS software for my iPhone 3G to IOS4, the slingplaye mobile app for the phone can't connect to my slingbox solo. Indeed connection to my slingbox was checked out today by tech support. The point of this is that clearly the router/firewall and slingbox are fine


      The app works when I use wireless, so I believe that the broadband connections out through BT and back are also fine. If I disable wireless so I have to use 3G, it doesn't work. O2-UK don't seem to know who to talk to about unblocking port 5001 and say talk to Apple. Apple come out with the most ridiculous suggestions and insist that it's the app that needs updating. Sling media say no and so it goes around.  I've spent way too much time on this and want to know if anybody else has had problems of late with O2 and or iPhone. If so, is this on-going, is there a fix?  Can slingmedia talk to apple or 02??



      Thanks in advance..