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    No Signal Detected


      When I was setting up the new box the video and audio would come through fine.  Towards the end of the setup process the picture turned to static and now I am getting the no signal detected error.  I am conected via coax to a basic comcast digital convertor box and the signal to the tv is fine.


      Is there some other trick or something I could be missing?



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          eferz Expert

          When you configured the ANT IN video source, which option did you select?


          • ANT IN
            • External box (cable box, satellite reciever, DVR, etc.)
            • Cable service (without a cable box)
            • Antenna


          I believe if you'd need to select "External box" which would also require the Slingbox to be set to a fixed channel.  Then cable channels would be changed by the Comcast Convertor box.


          Otherwise, you might try connect the cable from the wall directly to the Slingbox Pro-HD.  Since it has its own built-in analog / digital tuner, it should be able to tune in clear QAM channels.