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    Slingcatcher Delayed Remote Actions

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      I have connected a Slingcatcher to a 21" computer monitor in room without Cable TV, using an Apple Airport Express to connect to my home WiFi.  I also have a Slingbox Pro HD connected to a Series 3 Tivo in another room.  It works pretty well, even though at times the Slingcatcher loses the signal.  So sometimes I use Monster Powernets, which work much better.  But either way, the issue I have is with the delayed remote actions when using the Slingcatcher remote.  It is so freaking annoying to fast forward or rewind a recorded show on Tivo or live programming and not be able to stop where I want because of the delayed response.


      How is everyone dealing with this?  Because I can't stand it and had I known about it, I would have never purchased the Slingcatcher.