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    Channel 0 - On screen remote control


      Further to an earlier discussion at one of the slingbox forums, I would like to make a suggestion to include the possibility for editing the channel list after installation in one of the future updates. The reason for this request is explained below.


      At installation of Slingbox Pro HD on my Mac OS X, channel 0 is automatically selected as the first channel.  After changing channels to view another one, pressing channel 0 on the onscreen remote control (or  keyboard) to go back to channel 0 does not work. The only thing which works to go back to channel 0  is the "Last Chanel" button (but only of course if channel 0 was really the last viewed channel). I have this problem only with "0" - the other numbers work fine.

      In practice it means that after watching various channels, I loose access to channel 0 and the only way to get it back is to re-install the software




      Reply form Eferz:


      I think what you're experiencing is that channel 0 is the starting point of scan.  It's not actually being saved as a vaild channel.  So, once the scan is complete it just returns you to that point.  That would explain why once you start to channel surf with the up and down buttons that you're not able to return to channel 0, and are unable tune it by using the virtual remote keypad.


      Unfortuantely, I don't have a suggestion for you.  I'm not sure if channel 0 is beyond the treshold for saved channels, but I do know that Sling does presently offer the ability to edit your channel list.  You might consider opening suggesting that they offer this in future updates. 


      Many thanks for your help.